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Timber Windows

Timber windows

Wooden windows have come a long way – modern timber windows are strong, durable and timeless. Home owners can be assured of the longevity and low maintenance benefits of well-designed, high performance timber windows. Their eye catching design looks stunning on any property.

Wooden window

Timber is naturally an excellent insulator, and wooden windows offer great sound and climate insulating properties.  Combined with the benefits of double-glazing and draught sealing, noise transmission and energy consumption is significantly reduced. Timber is not only a renewable raw material it is also recyclable, which is essential for environmental conservation. Many environmental organisations are in support of timber as the preferred material to use for windows and doors.

Timber window

All our timber windows are manufactured with cutting edge technology and come with multipoint locking hardware to ensure tightness, security and longevity. The windows are fully finished and stained or painted overseas to lock in all moisture, are extremely long lasting and low maintenance. Windows made from the extremely durable modified timber Accoya are also available. Your windows will be custom made for you and virtually every opening type is possible. From traditional open out windows, European style tilt & turn to large sliding doors, let us realize your timber dreams.

Timber sliding door
Wooden sliding door
wood window

Contact us for a detailed discussion on how these beautiful windows can be incorporated into your project. 

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