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Sliding Doors

HIRT decending window

Large patio doors that open up a space and blur the line between inside and outside are increasingly popular in modern architecture. Vast sliding or folding door panels that save space, allow for uninterrupted views and easy movement of large glass sashes are an absolute design highlight.

Roto sliding door

While the appeal is easy to see, it is important to evaluate carefully which solution will fulfil the requirements of a project best, as low thresholds, heavy large movable sashes and minimalist profile design might come at a cost the owner is not aware of. Flooding of the living room in heavy rain, a large folding door that cannot be operated anymore after a year because the house moved slightly, a large sliding panel that is too heavy for the occupants to operate regularly and being able to hear every word the neighbours speak in your own bedroom are very common problems with low quality sliding systems. Conventional sliding systems are sadly often the worst performing windows and doors in the house when it comes to water tightness, sound insulation and energy efficiency.


We want to avoid ending up with a leaking and whistling sliding door like this one in a hotel in Vietnam:

These are some of the best solutions we recommend:

Roto Inowa

A high performance inline sliding door for excellent tightness. Perfect for high-rise residential projects, the Roto Inowa is water and airtight and even typhoon tested. Multipoint locking hardware compresses the sash upon locking onto gaskets, achieving excellent tightness. This aluminium sliding door is part of the Rotoi range

Lift and Slide

The perfect solution for moving large sashes up to 400 kg with ease.  This German technology allows the safe and comfortable operation of panels up to              3 x 3 m size. Lift and Slide solutions are available in thermally broken Aluminium in the Rotoi range and in timber in our EBENHOLZ series

Lift and Slide sliding door
Folding Doors

Ideal for indoor / outdoor living, folding doors allow for unobstructed openings of up to 6 m with elements that can be folded away  and pushed to the side to save space. To long term withstand the strain this opening systems puts on the moving parts it is essential to choose hardware that is very durable and can be adjusted. In order to perform well in regards to water tightness we recommend a rebated system. Our preferred partner for folding doors is Solarlux. The panels out of aluminium, timber or timber aluminium can be warrantied up to 3.5 meter and are manufactured in Germany.

Solarlux folding door
Minimalist Sliding Door

An absolute design highlight for commercial or private projects are minimalist sliding doors like the Solarlux Cero. Super slim 34mm frames allow for 98 % glass usage and up to 3 meter high and 1000 kg total weight heavy panels can be moved either manually or motorized. Excellent U-values, barrier free thresholds and German design and manufacturing quality make the Cero an excellent choice for light flooded spaces. 

HIRT Descending Window

Sink an entire wall of glass into the floor with a HIRT Swiss Descending Window. This amazing product offers the ultimate 'wow' factor and allows you to create massive walls of glass that sink and disappear below the floor. On the push of a button motors lower large elevations of glass (or your preferred material) into the floor which is then housed in a ‘technical room’ below the floor. The resulting threshold is completely flat, making that transition from inside to outside fluid and seamless. This product is the ultimate high end solution for huge openable glass fronts that are easy to operate and tight when closed. With little limits in regards to sizing and weights, the largest descending window built to date is 20m wide and 7,500 kg heavy. 

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