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MAGNETITE Retrofit Double Glazing 

Double glazed windows help to reduce noise, make a building more energy efficient and save money on energy bills. For existing buildings changing to double glazed windows can be a challenge - the cost might be out of reach, your installation situation could make installing double glazed windows very difficult or the building management regulations might prohibit you from altering the look of the façade.


Changing the windows in a building can be a messy and long process and in commercial buildings and hotels the down time required might just not be feasible. However, upgrading existing building stock is an essential part for achieving climate change goals.


The MAGNETITE Retrofit Double Glazing System is the perfect solution in these cases. Proven and highly successful in Canada, the US and Australia, this system allows existing windows to be converted to a double glazed system providing the benefits of double glazing without the need to replace the existing windows. 50 % noise reduction and up to 70 % increase in thermal efficiency is achievable while maintaining the exterior look of the windows. 

A slim steel subframe is installed in front of your existing window to which a lightweight acrylic panel is magnetically attached. A continuous magnetic seal ensures an airtight seal around the window which reduces the air infiltration rate of the window significantly while allowing the easy removal of the panel to open the window. As with traditional double glazing the air cavity acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature. 

Since acrylic is much lighter than glass but considerably more thermally efficient, the installation is possible quickly, with minimal  impact on the occupied space and without special equipment, which reduces the cost of high rise renovations significantly. All Magnetite panels are custom made and therefore can fit all types of windows. greenPLACE is the exclusive installation partner of Magnetite in Singapore. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring double glazing to your windows. 

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