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Rotoi Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium window

Aluminium is the material of choice for windows in high rise buildings in Asia-Pacific. Besides being low maintenance, functional and highly durable, it offers a multitude of design options. 

While being a visual favourite aluminium windows come with their energy efficiency hurdles. Aluminium is an excellent conductor and dark frame colours being favoured, thermal heat gain presents a real challenge. Furthermore conventional systems have a U-value of ~ 7 W/m2K, while for energy efficiency a minimum performance of ~ 2.5 W/m2K is needed. Many of the low quality systems don't fulfil their promise of a maintenance-free long life, as poor workmanship and profile design result in weak and leaky corners. Frail hardware offers no compression to seal the window fully and falls apart after a short while, which may result in safety issues. 

However, systems are available that address these issues and make aluminium windows a green option while allowing you to harness all their advantages. 

 A great choice for the Asia-Pacific region is the Rotoi Aluminium System


Based on its decades of knowledge in the window and door industry Roto developed the system based on the market demand in Asia-Pacific, engineered according to the highest German manufacturing principles while keeping the regional climatic challenges and local application preferences in mind. It's attractive design and thermally broken structure were awarded with the Singapore Good Design Award and the label "very good" from SGBC. 

Singapore Good Design Award
Singapore green building product SGBC

Highlights of the system design include crimped corners injected with two component glue for added stability, Technoform proprietary thermal breaks for energy efficiency, multi-chamber profile structure, German multi-point locking hardware and standardized manufacturing process to ensure quality consistency. With this Singapore Green Mark approved system a broad range of applications can be realised, from European style tilt & turn to casement windows, sliding and folding doors and much more.

System Highlights:

Modular Thermal Efficiency

From FT520 non-thermally broken frames to foam filled FT720, which can achieve U-values of less than 1.5W/m2K, the modular system offers the suitable solution according to project requirements and budget while maintaining the same external look. 

Casement System 

Side hung and awing outward-opening windows are realized with this system.  CN520 can achieve a U-Value of 2.5W/m2K

Inward Opening System 

European style inward opening systems like tilt & turn use this profile types. Inward opening systems enable high compression and are particularly suitable for achieving high U-values and simplify cleaning.

Door System 

Inward and outward opening main entrance doors, French patio doors, folding doors and tilt and slide doors all use this versatile system. Panic doors and fully electrical multi point locking doors can also be realized. 

INOWA Sliding Door  

The Inowa sliding system is a revolutionary tight inline sliding solution particularly suitable for high rise apartment buildings. The patented locking system provides unparalleled wind and water tightness. 

P700 Sliding System 

Large Lift & Slide doors and conventional sliding doors can be realized with this system. A non-thermally broken system for sliding windows is also available.  

Contact us with your plans, we are happy to help you select the appropriate system. 

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