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Our core product range is sourced from reliable long term partners that deliver consistently to the high quality standards we expect. In addition to this range we source products project specific. Give us a call next time you are looking for a green building material that you are not sure where to source (or if it exists at all), chances are that someone in our vast international network knows a solution and we are happy to connect you. 



Aluminium window
Rotoi Aluminium Window and Door System

The Rotoi Aluminium Window and Door system combines German engineering and Asian applications. Every desired opening type is available, from inward and outward opening, tilt & turn to casement. A full range of different energy efficiency levels is available.

EBENHOLZ Timber Windows

Combining the natural look of wood with the performance of high end modern windows,  these energy efficient, eco-friendly, soundproof and long lasting windows are a real aesthetic highlight.

MAGNETITE Retrofit Double Glazing

Looking to enhance your existing windows to increase sound insulation and energy efficiency? This Canadian system allows custom acrylic panels to magnetically fit into place with an airtight seal, without having to change the present windows. A perfect solution where changing windows and altering the look of the façade is not an option - for half the cost of new double glazed windows.

Sliding Doors

Large sliding doors are a design favourite due to their elegant design, allowing unobstructed views and space-saving characteristics. We have brought together a great selection of high performing sliding systems: From thyphoon tested sliding doors to huge descending window fronts.

EBENHOLZ Timber Entrance Doors

Tightly shutting  doors with up to 10 locking points, a door system for the highest levels of security and performance. With a beautiful timber finish, these multipoint locking doors are the perfect entrance to any house while keeping it safe and comfortable. 

timber window
Double glazing
Large Sliding Door
German aluminium system
Modern timber entrance door
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